TALL Pine Cabin - Louisville, MS

TALLstudio - Cabin - Louisville, MS

We talk about the power of connections frequently and one of the projects we are currently working on is a true testament to making connections, putting yourself out there, and just going for it (throws fist in air)! Back in April we were at a local coffee shop chatting with the owner when all of a sudden she says, "Hey, did you guys get my Facebook message about that off the grid cabin in Starkville?" We both look at her in a perplexed manner (maybe she thought she had sprouted a third eye?) and said "what message?!" She went on to explain that through a friend of a friend she had been referred to a guy in North Mississippi to design said cabin. Are you guys following here?  She reluctantly turned the project down, as she isn't practicing architecture at the moment and referred the potential client to yours truly...that's right, TALLstudio! So, long story short, we ended up driving to Louisville, MS where the family is located, meeting with the then potential client, and signing on to design not one, but TWO (!!!!) cabins. 

We have been working through the design phases of the first cabin, which will be on the family's property in Louisville.  One of the most interesting aspects of this project is the material that will be used.  The client's property has been in the family for generations and on said property there are 100+ year old pine trees. Pine like this, people, is a rarity.  It has a tight grain, few knots, and beautiful coloring, and the trees are HUGE in diameter (one of the reasons they also are being milled is because they are endangering the buildings that currently sit on the property). Last week we sent the client the cut list for what we had designed, for the first cabin anyway, and the lumber was milled right on sight, talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity!  We have kept the design of the small cabin, only 750 square feet, simple and uncluttered allowing the material to SHINE! With the design of the first cabin beginning to wrap up and the lumber curing on site we will soon move onto Cabin #2. (Did we mention this one is surrounded on three sides by the Noxubee Refuge and will also be built out of the same pine?) Stay tuned! 

TALLstudio - cabin - Lousiville, MS

Bert is the official tree ring counter, of course.

TALLstudio - cabin - Lousiville, MS

Stacks and stacks of models. See that one that is second from the top?  That's the closest to the current design. 

TALLstudio Architecture - Cabin - Lousiville, MS
TALLstudio Architecture - Cabin - Louisville, MS
TALLstudio -  Cabin - Louisville
TALLstudio - Cabin - Lousiville, MS