822 Porter Avenue

A few years ago, before we lived on the coast, we were taking a leisurely bike ride through Ocean Springs and happened upon a beautiful, old white house with a smattering of quirky brightly colored outbuildings surrounding it.  "What is this place?" we asked ourselves.  Well, fast forward a few years and we got our answer.  This place is now our office, the TALLstudio Headquarters, and a historical building to boot.  The Arndt House, as it is locally known, was built in 1895 and has been a doctor's office, family residence, and now an architecture firm.  The house, or office shall we say, sits prominently on Porter Avenue in downtown Ocean Springs, the place to see, be seen, and most importantly, get your name out.

We've been here a month now and we love the constant stream of people we see running by the door, stopping in to say hello, or meandering around town exploring.    

TALLstudio Porter Avenue

"Hanging our shingle out" as they say.  Have you guys ever heard this saying?  Since starting our own business we hear this almost weekly and supposedly it comes from doctors who used to literally hang a shingle on their door to designate that they were open for business. Interesting, huh?

TALLstudio 822 Porter Ave
TALLstudio 822 Porter Avenue

A front porch that's perfect for chats on the phone, a little bit of lunchtime studying, or weekend cocktail (after we have worked all day, of course)! 

TALLstudio Porter Avenue Ocean Springs

Our landlord definitely has a way with color, and while this sweet little thing isn't part of our office we sure do love seeing it every morning and every night.  Talk about some color inspiration-Do not be afraid of color people! 

TALLstudio conference room

We know you want to come have a "conference" in our conference room.  You pick the topic, we'll bring the snacks! P.S. We can also have serious chats in here as well. 

TALLstudio Porter Avenue Ocean Springs

We had to bring one of our favorite paintings, "Clayton", by Julia Reyes.  He looks totally content nestled up to that lucky bamboo. 

TALLstudio office Porter Avenue Ocean Springs

Recipe for success- 1 HUGE white desk (this thing took 3 grown men to move), an industrial bookshelf, and some of our favorite things = the perfect work space.  NOTE: We don't always look this intense.

TALLstudio Dachshund

The perfect office mascot/ham.