Why, Oh Why, Mississsippi?

We have been living on the  Mississippi Coast for a year now (slow down, time!), and we can honestly say this has been the most exciting, productive, and fulfilling year yet.  When we would talk about taking the leap into the Southern most extremities of the US we told ourselves it would be WAY, WAY down the road, we were young, we wanted the big city life, and we wanted to make a name for ourselves outside of Mississippi.  We looked into cities far and wide...San Francisco- only the coolest US city we had ever been to, Austin- could you get any more funky/hip?, Boston- we would take the cold just give us the culture!, but when it came down to really analyzing these places we realized that there were people in these cities doing what we wanted to do, and they were doing it well. We were not afraid of a competitive challenge, but we wanted to see if we could forge a different path. Fast forward a few months and we began to realize just how great this part of the country is-it is full of musical history, rich in food and culture, has a great story to tell, and for some reason lacking youth and energy.  There seems to be an ongoing epidemic with people of our generation- come of age in this state, head to college, and then as soon as you get that diploma, skedaddle.  We won't denigrate that way of thinking because honestly, we were those people.  Mississippi NEEDS us to stay, this state needs some excitement, fresh ideas, and for its residents, both young and old, to want to make this state a better place.  The coast, in particular, is like no other place in the country, a little slice of paradise,  with interesting people, an artistic flair, and open arms.  Since moving here a year ago, we have seen our business begin to grow (!!!), become heavily involved in the community, and gained some amazing friendships.  We aren't saying the Coast, or Mississippi for that matter, is for everyone, and we aren't even saying that we're here for the long haul, but right now this seems like the right place and the right time.  

Deer Island TALL studio
Biking TALL studio
Beach Meeting TALL studio
TALL studio Twelve Oaks
Mississippi State University School of Architecture
Shrimping TALL studio
Symphony Barbecue TALL studio
Hundred Men Hall TALL studio
MS Museum of ART TALL studio
VA Gulf Coast TALL studio
Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art
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Downtown Ocean Springs, MS
Gulf Coast Symphony