TALL travels

Hi There!  The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, at times you might even say a tornado, as we have been traveling up a storm (Get it?? Tornado, whirlWIND, storm???).  We have ventured all over our fair state, and into a few others as well...Hello Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida!  We have seen new clients (yay!), gone to a dear friend's art show, toured a brewery, been guest critics at the LSU School of Architecture, spent some quality time with family, watched one of our sisters get married, and we have documented some of these moments for your enjoyment.  Excited?  We knew you would be.  While we love to travel, and we hope to take our adventures even further over the course of the next year, we have had to learn how to manage our time from the road, how to set up a work station pretty much anywhere we might be, and how to keep our projects rolling right along as we learn to balance family, friends, and our business.  We know we will be constantly learning and we truly believe that the journeys we take make us better designers, business owners, and well rounded individuals.  Over the next few months we have many more excursions planned, and we promise to keep you in our front pocket so you can have the best view.  Stay tuned and don't forget that your are always welcome to stop by and say "Hi!" (or feel free to send us a virtual "How ya doing?!")

TALL studio Jellyfish
TALL studio Destin Wedding
TALL studio Baton Rouge Capitol
TALL studio Anna Art Show
TALL studio Tin Roof Brewery
TALL studio Baton Rouge
TALL studio LSU reviews
TALL studio Louisville Site Visit
TALL studio Louisville Site Visit
TALL studio Sisters