Schematic Design

Remember a few weeks ago when we promised to take you on the wild ride of designing a building from start to finish?  Well, have no fear, we are making good on that promise!  Last time we spoke (feel free to actually call us if you want to hear these friendly voices!) we went on a site visit together, and man oh man was it a good time (Don't worry if you missed it, you can catch up right here). We explored the area, sketched while sitting under the trees, and did plenty of sun and massing studies throughout the day.  This day transformed the way we were thinking about the project and we felt much more in tune with the house, the owner, and the land. 

After our full day on site we were really beginning to dig in to the Schematic Design phase.  Now, hold on a minute, you might say, what the heck is Schematic Design?  Schematic Design is the "big idea" phase.  We get all of the hair brained ideas out on the table, the good, the bad, the ugly, the WONDERFUL, and we tweak (not twerk, mind you!) the design until it begins to come into focus.  During this process we are designing the building in a multitude of ways- sketches, models (both digital and physical), sketching on models, modeling from our sketches, ripping things apart, get the idea, until finally, after a few meetings with the client, we end up with a great product-a great start to a great product, anyway.  

Check out the photos below to see a bit of what goes into Schematic Design, and get ready because next we move onto Design Development!  

TALLstudio architecture Schematic Design
TALLstudio Schematic Design model
TALLstudio Schematic Design Airstream
TALLstudio Schematic Design Massing Model
TALLstudio Schematic Design Massing Model_3
TALLstudio Schematic Design Massing Model