Ripe Pomegranate

Ripe Pomegranate

"What color is that?" 

We've been hearing a lot of that lately and we proudly answer with an exuberant, "Ripe Pomegranate!" 

The story behind the color - We were loving how the Airstream was coming together with the warm birch on the floor, crisp white walls, and sleek steel gray cabinets, however we felt something was missing.  That something was a little bit of "oomph", and we decided we would achieve this by adding in a POP color.  We hemmed, we hawed, and we haggled, and finally we decided that this warm orange-red would be just perfect.  We felt our space could only handle one surface painted this warm hue, and we decided that this surface should be the sliding bathroom door - it's focal, it moves, what more could you ask for? 

The other "WOW" moment we have added into the space are the closet doors.  We both are lovers of texture and this big white canvas seemed to be begging for something.  The treatment we settled on was a dotted 3D grid.  The dots are made from 1.25" dowels that we cut down on the band saw to a thickness of 3/8".  We adhered them with wood glue and painted the whole thing with three coats of white paint (a bit tedious) and called it done!

We like to think we are at about 80% completion currently with lots of small details (and some not so small ones) left on the check list.  The next steps are to get the bathroom underway, finish polyurethaning, caulk around the tops of the walls, and add the doors for concealed storage underneath the bed.  Wish us luck or if you are in the area, stop by for a tour and a cold beer!

Airstream Sliding Door
Airstream Interior
Airstream Closet Doors
Airstream Interior

P.S. There is a surprise on the other side of the pomegranate door, but you will have to wait til' the next installment...until then, here is a little sneak peak!