Full Stream Ahead

Well...it's official, we are FULL-TIME Airstream inhabitants!  On one hand, this is a "Woo-hoo" moment and on the other hand it is an "Ahhhhhhh!" moment.  While the Airstream is livable, it's not exactly what one would call finished, however, some great progress has been made since the last time we updated you. 

The cabinets are in, secured, and have been given multiple shoves to make sure they won't bounce around, fall off their bases, and cause utter catastrophe.  The next big step was to install the countertops.  We settled on birch butcher block countertops from IKEA, cut them to fit, and carved out the necessary holes for the sink and range, which was easier said than done until we found the right jigsaw blade.  The walls have all been erected and we have been working furiously to sheathe them... drat you curved surfaces!  Originally the plan for the walls was to leave them au naturale, but after we cut a few we decided all of the wood grain was a bit overwhelming, thus the decision to paint them white.  The white walls accomplish two major things -they make the space feel larger (if possible) and they give the birch floors and countertops the chance to shine.  

The next step will be completing the sheathing, building doors for all of the concealed storage spots, and getting this baby wired and plumbed.  Stay tuned for the next 'stream installment and feel free to offer up any advice, hot tips, or just a bit of encouragement! 

Madison TalleyComment